Strong revenues for NetPlay TV

Posted by admin on October 02, 2013

Strong revenues for NetPlay TV
The financial results from the NetPlay TV for the first half of the year 2013 were just released. The NetPlay TV is one of the largest interactive TV gaming companies from the UK. They are able to offer an extensive set of online gambling services that can be played straight from your TV, on the internet or by using your mobile phone.
One of the thing you can notice regarding the financial results for the current year is that both the revenues and the profits are going up.

The net revenue increased by 36% and went up to £14.2 million. The EBITDA has also seen a nice increase of 17% up to £2.7 million. An interesting thing is the fact that there is also a great increase of profit before the taxes. It went up by 47% and reached £2.3 million.
Since NetPlay TV is a publicly traded company at the London Stock Exchange the interim dividend paid went up by 20% and reached £0.18 per share.

Another interesting data about this company is represented by the key performances indicators at the online casino that they are running.

This way the number of new players that are making a deposit has seen an increased over the last year of 31% and reached 32K new players. Also the number of active depositing players went up to 29K and this is a 32% increase.

Another interesting thing to note about the key performances of the casino is the fact that the wagering which is done via mobile devices has now reached 28% of the net revenues and also 34% of the new depositing players are using mobile devices in order to wager online.

This brand new online marketing strategy is able to deliver some positive results and a strong growth of all the key performance indicators.

Charles Butler, which is the Executive from NetPlay TV says that he is pleased to announce a continuous growth of the businesses they are doing right after the year 2012 proved to be very good for the company also. One of the reasons why the key performance indicators went up was thanks to the investment made in the mobile gambling software which manages to get a bigger part of the pie, especially since in the first 6 months over 28% of the net revenue came from the mobile gambling.

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