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Zappit Blackjack Released By Bovada

Posted by admin on January 22, 2014
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Bovado, one of the most famous online casinos available on the internet today has announced the release of their new blackjack casino game called “Zappit Blackjack”.

Bovado offers various game amenities to their players. When you enter this casino you’ll be met with various different gambling properties such as video poker, casino games, 3D Slots, sports betting, horse betting and a mobile casino. You’ll also be able to join the red room which acts as a special VIP program for loyal players to the casino.

Zappit Blackjack, the thrilling new blackjack game released to the casino is a new variant to the table game. This new variant gives players the opportunity to switch the cards that they’ve been dealt when they have either a 17, 16 or 15 hand. This will allow for punters to gain a better opportunity to land on twenty one which in return will allow for punters to potentially win a larger amount of money. One other special little feature in this new blackjack variant is that the dealer will push if they land on a twenty two.

Zappit Blackjack is currently now available for real money play. The game is currently only available at the Bovada casino, if you have never signed up with the Bovada casino you can do so now and you’ll be receive a $3,000 welcome bonus. Allowing for you to wager big money on each hand you make with Bovada casino. The experience you’ll have while playing this slot will be like none other that you’ve had before.

Online Gambling Cafe Raid In Louisiana

Posted by admin on January 22, 2014
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Louisiana, New Orleans has a small little suburb area known as Gretna and today Gretna Police announced that they took down a large illegal online gambling cafe in a large scale raid. This resulted in the arrest of two men and the seizure of all of their computers and related evidence towards the gambling cafe.

The raid took place on a beautiful Wednesday morning in Gretna. The Police took down the raid while all of their sound citizens slept. They took one hundred computers into evidence which showed the casino games that the cafe had to offer, a large portion of their money that was stashed and a large quantity of marijuana as well.
Those who were arrested in the raid included Manual Villagran and Jason Tomas. They both were taken into custody on the morning of Wednesday January 8th, 2014. They both were asleep at the time of the raid. The third individual connected to the gambling cafe, Marshall Isso is still on the run from Gretna Police.

Anthony Christiana, the Gretna Police Deputy Chief commented on the gambling raid saying, “The illegal gambling cafe worked the same way that normal illegal raids do. They would offer a special card where players would be able to deposit and withdrawal on. The card could then be cashed out allowing for the players to gamble to their hearts content.

This is the first illegal online gambling cafe raid to have taken place in the state of Louisiana, at least to our knowledge.” Said the Gretna Police Deputy Chief.

Player Wins $100,00 At Liberty Slots

Posted by admin on January 03, 2014
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A lucky punter was able to win $100,00 while playing at Liberty Slots. This win also gained the player by the name of Dean a Diamond VIP status. Allowing for him to receive exclusive bonuses and a $45 free money deposit into his bankroll.

Dean J, the winner of the $100,00 commented on his jackpot win saying, “I have always hoped for a win like this but you never expect. I’ve had my fair share of good nights but I’ve never been able to win anything like this. I plan on taking a vacation with my entire family and do good with my money.”

Dean played three separate casino games that eventually lead to the $100,000 he won. Dean began playing Blackjack, a slot game and Blackjack which allowed for his bankroll to reach $20,000. Then Dean made the switch to Money Shot, a slot based around Basketball. He choose to wager two hundred dollars per spin before he landed on a successful bonus round that lead to his bankroll reaching $100,000.

Casino Manager for Liberty Slots Mark Ramirez also commented on the big win saying, “The large win notifications were coming in so fast that we couldn’t keep up with the amount of money he was winning. Dean started the day as an Amber Level, which is our lowest level available and he now is playing at the highest level available at our casino. He won over a million comp points, this is what makes running an online casino so much fun. You never know what is going to happen the next day.”

Betfair Launches Evil Knievel Slot Machine

Posted by admin on January 03, 2014
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Betfair, one of the largest core online casinos have launched their latest slot machine Evil Knievel. The gambling operator is famous for being honorable in their payments, offering reliable customer service operators and more. Players looking for a new online casino will be able to play video poker, slots, arcade games, live dealer casino games and they’ll also be able to wager on their favorite sports such as Football or Soccer.

Evil Knievel was one of the best performers in his generation. He did wild stunts on his motorcycle regardless if he broke a few bones. Once he healed he would be back out on the track performing his tricks for his loyal fans. His tricks not only made him famous but inspired hundreds of thousands of children to do accomplish their dream, whatever that dream may be.

The 5 reel, 50 payline slot offers various game features such as free spins. The slot is designed all around Evil Knievel’s life and the stunts that he performed. Any new players to the casino will be able to not only enjoy the experience of this game but also receive up to one thousand Euros in cash back. You’ll have to deposit the maximum amount available in order to receive the one thousand euro welcome bonus.

The slot game is available at Odobo, OpenBet and GTS. As time goes on more casinos will continue to receive the new slot machine developed by software developers Core Gaming.

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