Diamond Cherries Released by Rival Gaming

Posted by skurtan on January 22, 2016
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Rival Gaming, the software developed behind some of the best video slots available on the web has announced their slot for January. This new title is called “Diamond Cherries” and it takes on a classic format with high definition visuals. This’ll give anyone whom plays it a reminiscent feeling, filled with cherished memories.


This new game is a three reel, single payline classic slot. Punters has the simple and nostalgic option of wagering a maximum of three coins. The only icons which appear on the reels are bar symbols, cherries and diamonds. The maximum win available is only $2,500. This is a large amount when considering the max bet is $0.15. There are no wilds, scatters, multipliers, bonuses or free spins to be triggered in this game. The classic nature of this slot is through and through to its core.

Rival Gaming’s short statement reads as follows, “We wanted to provide our players with a nostalgic gambling experience. So often developers are trying to create slots now filled with more than what people know what to do with. This is why we’ve thrown it back to a slots classic nature and we hope all our fans enjoy the experience we’ve created for them in Diamond Cherries.”

Anyone wishing to try their hand at this title is able to do so as of January 20th, 2016. There’ll be dozens of casinos supporting this game on day one. What awaits those who play is a classic, nostalgic and cherished feeling of times long past with friends.

Chinese Gambling Ring Halted

Posted by skurtan on January 02, 2016
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China, Malaysia and the Philippines are all known for harboring illegal gambling rings. Though authorities work towards dismantling all illegal gambling operations within these three countries, it always seems another is popping up. Police in the Hunan & Guadong provinces of China has announced that they’ve arrested a total of ninety-eight people during a police raid on an illegal gambling ring.

China, Malaysia

This is a large arrest percentage for a gambling ring which has pleased Guadong and Hunan authorities. Apparently a total of seventy-eight billion dollars in wagers had been made throughout the years that this gambling ring had operated, this illegal gambling operation was processed throughout twelve different venues and had contact with over five hundred internet gambling sites. The sites are slated to service millions of people.

This is one of the largest crackdowns on illegal gambling in China since they began cracking down on these illegal operations two years ago. Authorities in China, Malaysia and the Philippines all hope to have illegal online gambling abolished from their respective countries by 2020. If this is the case, then it’s possible that a regulated & licensed online gambling industry within Asia could be a possibly by 2025 – 2030.

Authorities have yet to release any statements to the American media or European media regarding this manner. That isn’t surprising as in most cases the China government opts out of releasing information regarding anything to do in the country, this is due to the fact that China is a communist regime run state.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Won at LeoVegas

Posted by skurtan on November 23, 2015
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Mega Fortune currently stands as the most played, most popular and most profitable video slot online. Countless punters have been able to win life altering amounts of money through this slot via the Rapid, Major and Mega Progressive’s in the game. The latest punter to win a large portion of money took home €129,528 while playing this slot at LeoVegas Casino.


Details on this progressive jackpot win have been scarce as of right now. It appears that both the winning punter and LeoVegas wish to keep the identity of this punter a secret to the public. This doesn’t come as a shock to most anymore as the majority of those whom release personal information after a large jackpot win are harassed by a large portion of people. This can take away from the pleasure and joy of winning a life altering amount of money.

We can confirm that this is the second time this progressive was won in a period of ten days. This slot currently holds the record for second largest jackpot to ever be won in history. It’s the largest paying slot online and those whom wish to play can do so via any NetEnt supported online casino.

The Mega Fortune Jackpot is triggered when punters are able to reach the bonus round, the bonus round acts as a remake of the wheel of fortune. Those players that are able to get into the innermost wheel will then be provided with an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot or grand cash prizes.

Microgaming’s October Slots Released!

Posted by admin on October 22, 2015
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Microgaming, one of the best software developers in the online gambling market has released four brand new slots for the month of October. These four slots include Titans of the Sun: Theia, Golden Era, Scary Friends and Titans of the Sun: Hyperion. Each one of these games are slated to offering some of the most exciting gambling experiences ever seen in a Microgaming slot before.


Each one of these four games are currently available to be played on casinos that boast the Microgaming platform. These games can be played through desktop, mobile and instant play platforms. This’ll allow for punters to enjoy these games at any time during the day. The first slot to be played is Scary Friends, a slot which is only available on mobile Microgaming casinos. It’s designed with 5 reels, 25 paylines & a spooky Halloween theme that’ll provide exciting scares with every spin.

Both Titans of the Sun Hyperion and Titans of the Sun Theia are designed with 5 reels, 15 payline & an ancient Greece theme. There’ll be a number of features in both games that’ll provide bigger wins such as free spins, stacked symbols, win multipliers, wilds and more. The High Definition visuals, the booming soundtrack and ancient Greece theme makes both of these slots memorable.

Golden Era is another slot from Microgaming’s desktop platform moving its way to the mobile market. It’s been designed as 5 reels, 15 paylines and allows for a maximum jackpot win of $106,000. In order to play each of these games on the same casino, punters will have to register an account with a mobile casino supporting the Microgaming platform.

EveryMatrix Titles Added to Jackpot Palace

Posted by admin on September 20, 2015
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Jackpot Palace was pleased to announce that they’ve inked a brand new content supply deal with software developers EveryMatrix. This new deal will have the full portfolio of EveryMatrix titles ported over to Jackpot Palace in the upcoming days. This announcement came as a shock as it wasn’t long ago that this casino licensed out the BetSoft Platform.


This deal could potentially prove to be profitable on two different levels of this software developer. The reasoning for this is because EveryMatrix will now be offering their to a brand new fan base. This could increase their player activity as well as Jackpot Palace’s. EveryMatrix is a platform that consists of an array of different platforms. Those platforms include Microgaming, Net Ent, IGT, BetSoft Gaming, Bally Technologies and many others. These developers are considered to be the elite of the online gambling market. Jackpot Palace punters will now have access to hundreds of beloved & famed video slots. Ebbe Groes, the CEO at EveryMatrix commented on this deal stating, “Jackpot Palace Casino has proven that their an experienced online casino and a professional operator. We are delighted to provide our software. We employ providing a platform that gives punters a premium selection of casino games, rather they be slots or table games.

This deal will surely increase player activity at Jackpot Palace. Those whom wish to experience some of the best casino games available on the web only have to sign up an account with this casino today in order to do so.

Head of Illegal Gambling Ring Deported

Posted by admin on August 20, 2015
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Illegal online gambling is still a very serious issue which plagues the Asian countries, this is mainly due to the fact that criminals in China, Indonesia, Malaysia or so many others choose to perform their illegal activities through the internet. This has caused for major issues with online gambling, making it unsafe for millions. Luckily the Philippine Authorities have just extradited a Chinese immigrant and head of illegal gambling ring back to China.


This has proven to be a major bust, though not many details have been released by authorities it is known that this man controlled one of the largest illegal gambling rings within the Philippines. The information that’ll be brought in from this man’s mobile devices, computers and files will allow for the authorities to destroy this illegal gambling ring within the next upcoming weeks.

Wang Bo, the head of this gambling ring was escorted back to his homeland by Chinese officials yesterday. Luckily for this man he won’t have to spend any time in prison as he spent millions in order to have all charges dropped on Chinese soil and as well as to be extradited back to his country. This man will be on watch by all Asian governments and authorities though as if he makes any more illegal gambling rings he will spend the rest of his life in prison. There’ll be no money, no words or nothing he can do in order to avoid it this time. It’s best that he takes the money he still has and invests it into a new company.

Casino Saga Changing Its Name

Posted by admin on July 14, 2015
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Casino Saga, an online casino that has now been on the market for a full year is now changing their name to “Casino Heroes”. This announcement came to light when affiliates received an email that the name would be changed as of next month.


This move isn’t surprising as the word saga implies more than one which has confused a few players, their expecting more than one casino to be played. None the less this roleplaying based online casino is better suited with Heroes as you can choose between ten different heroes to play as. Players venture through various sections of a large island, playing slots and defeating bosses in order to win money as well as rank up.

This blended experience has proven to be a smart idea as their growth in popularity over the first year of their operations is incredible. This casino has even begun to appeal to the youth, allowing for young adults to become aware of the online gambling market. The hope is that more online casinos continue to incorporate various other elements from video games into their casinos. It’ll only create a more exciting gambling experience that draws players further into what the casino has to offer. The change of the name is expected to become in effect as of August 3rd. It’ll in no way effect the players level what so ever. Casino Saga offers an array of different platforms and a unique gambling experience unlike any other, sign up with them today to enjoy it!

“Chasing Rainbows” Launched by

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It’s still not uncommon to see classic based slots to be created regularly for the online gambling market. The latest one available is Chasing Rainbows, a video slot that takes on a classic format in its design. This slot’s reveal came as a shock to many as Realistic Games hasn’t developed a classically designed video slot for nearly a year.

None the less those who are registered with an online casino supporting the Realistic Games platform can now enjoy Chasing Rainbows, a 5 reel and 20 payline video slot. Visually when looking at this slot trees will appear on both sides of the reels while a large rainbow will be portrayed across the entire game screen. There are also a number of game features available in this nostalgic themed slot. Free spins, wild symbols and a gamble feature are all available to be activated. Realistic Games has also claimed that the winning percentage for this video slot is 95.48%.

Realistic Games

Realistic Games noted in their launching on this video slot that Chasing Rainbows is available in two different platforms. Those wishing to play this game through their desktop can do so through an instant play platform. Those who live a busy life style can enjoy this game through their mobile devices as well. Mobile devices include Windows, Android & Apple. There is a video preview of this game on the Realistic Games YouTube channel, we shall keep you informed as to when the first large jackpot win has been triggered on Chasing Rainbows.

Realistic Games is a supplier of online games geared towards the online casino sector. They have established themselves as a respected development company and currently offer in excess of 26 games.

Evolution Gaming Sets Up New Live Dealer Studio

Posted by admin on May 26, 2015
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Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, one of the better live dealer platforms available in the online announced today that they’ve set up a new live dealer studio directly in the “Casino de Spa”, which is located in Belgium. This marks the first time that Evolution Gaming has ever set up shop directly in a casino and is one of interest considering Belgium is often in the news as an opponent to online gambling.

This software developer has stated that they have entered into agreements with the license holders of this casino. They intend to stream the games via the Evolution software and the new studio will be located in the Pink Ballroom of this casino. There is a list of casinos that have already banded to offer this new software including Bwin, 777, Circus.be, Unibet and StarCasino. Some of the games available to be played include Blackjack, Slingshot Roulette & Regular Roulette.

Each one of these games are going to be offered seven days a week, allowing for stunning female dealers who speak in both French and Flemish to be present around the clock. The games are available for both mobile and desktop platforms.

The CEO of Casino de Spa noted that he is pleased with this new deal being made & that Evolution’s attempts to enter regulated markets offer a significant and competitive edge to all other live dealer platforms. There unfortunately isn’t any word as to how long this deal will remain active but we do know that once this deal has been completed it’s up for continuity.

Mobile Gambler Wins Progressive On Notre Dame

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Notre Dame is a slot developed by OpenBet, a developer known to online gamblers across the European Union. Today this slot which is available for desktop and mobile play had its progressive triggered on the mobile variant of this slot. The winning player was able to take home an impressive win of £254,383. This must of been an astonishing win for this punter, hopefully in the process of his excitement he didn’t destroy his mobile device.

Notre Dame slot

Unfortunately the details as to who was the winning player for this Notre Dame progressive or what they’ll be doing with their new found riches is a mystery as of right now. Sky Vegas has yet to reveal who has won this progressive as it was only won hours ago. After a large win such as this one you must first contact love ones and than your financial institution in order to find out which options are best for you. This is the largest progressive to also be won through this slot since it was released back in April of 2014.

Note Dame stands as a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot designed by OpenBet. It’s theme is classic and derives from the movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Feature wise you will be able to experience the Chest Bonus Feature. Those wishing to play this slot can do so without a hiccup by signing up the information needed to have an account with Sky Vegas. We’ll inform you as to what this winning player has to say about his impressive progressive win.

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