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Mega Fortune Jackpot Won at LeoVegas

Posted by skurtan on November 23, 2015
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Mega Fortune currently stands as the most played, most popular and most profitable video slot online. Countless punters have been able to win life altering amounts of money through this slot via the Rapid, Major and Mega Progressive’s in the game. The latest punter to win a large portion of money took home €129,528 while playing this slot at LeoVegas Casino.


Details on this progressive jackpot win have been scarce as of right now. It appears that both the winning punter and LeoVegas wish to keep the identity of this punter a secret to the public. This doesn’t come as a shock to most anymore as the majority of those whom release personal information after a large jackpot win are harassed by a large portion of people. This can take away from the pleasure and joy of winning a life altering amount of money.

We can confirm that this is the second time this progressive was won in a period of ten days. This slot currently holds the record for second largest jackpot to ever be won in history. It’s the largest paying slot online and those whom wish to play can do so via any NetEnt supported online casino.

The Mega Fortune Jackpot is triggered when punters are able to reach the bonus round, the bonus round acts as a remake of the wheel of fortune. Those players that are able to get into the innermost wheel will then be provided with an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot or grand cash prizes.

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