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Head of Illegal Gambling Ring Deported

Posted by admin on August 20, 2015
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Illegal online gambling is still a very serious issue which plagues the Asian countries, this is mainly due to the fact that criminals in China, Indonesia, Malaysia or so many others choose to perform their illegal activities through the internet. This has caused for major issues with online gambling, making it unsafe for millions. Luckily the Philippine Authorities have just extradited a Chinese immigrant and head of illegal gambling ring back to China.


This has proven to be a major bust, though not many details have been released by authorities it is known that this man controlled one of the largest illegal gambling rings within the Philippines. The information that’ll be brought in from this man’s mobile devices, computers and files will allow for the authorities to destroy this illegal gambling ring within the next upcoming weeks.

Wang Bo, the head of this gambling ring was escorted back to his homeland by Chinese officials yesterday. Luckily for this man he won’t have to spend any time in prison as he spent millions in order to have all charges dropped on Chinese soil and as well as to be extradited back to his country. This man will be on watch by all Asian governments and authorities though as if he makes any more illegal gambling rings he will spend the rest of his life in prison. There’ll be no money, no words or nothing he can do in order to avoid it this time. It’s best that he takes the money he still has and invests it into a new company.

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