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888’s Web Ad Censored By UK ASA

Posted by admin on November 30, 2013
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The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority decided today that it is going to censor a new ad that by gambling giant 888. The ad was taken down and is now being remade to be more censored. The ad was for the new slot machine game called “Wild Gambler”.
The ad was offending to regular online gamblers due to a statement that the ad made. The ad claimed that players will be granted a massive win on every spin they make. Players obviously questioned this statement as there has never been a slot game like that before. 888 will have to remake their ad due to the false claims that they made.

The company that owns 888 is Cassava Enterprises responded to the claim against their ad. They noted that their ad is meant to show you the simplicity of the game and it was supposed to give players the feeling of a “Wild Gambler”. The ad was only meant to make players feel that on this slot game they can truly be a wild and profitable online gambler.

The ASA made a ruling that the ad was misleading, not only was the game presented to players in demo mode on the ad but it made false claims that just couldn’t be supported. The new ad will have to show the odds of winning and losing within the game so that the player can make a fair judgement if they want to play this game or not.

£86,075 Jackpot Triggered On Tiki Temple

Posted by admin on November 30, 2013
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A very lucky player was fortunate enough to win a £86,075 jackpot while playing the slot, Tiki Temple, which was created by Gamesys.

This player was playing at the JackpotJoy Casino when this exciting win occurred. Details on this new jackpot win have yet to be released by JackpotJoy or the actual identity of player and may not as they may request privacy. We do expect that the player is sorting out his financials before he allows for any information to be released.

The jackpot for Tiki Temple is triggered frequently and its one of the main reasons as to why the game remains to be popular. The jackpot is normally triggered every two days and averages only seventeen thousand Euro’s. What this shows you is that the player who triggered the £86,075 jackpot this week beat the odds, he is now one of the largest winners ever at JackpotJoy.

As more information is released about this big win we will keep you updated. To get all of the best online gambling news stories make sure to return to our website, you won’t be disappointed. Our goal is to keep you posted on any of the larger exciting wins that occur daily online.

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