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Thunderkick Titles Added To OGS Platform

Posted by admin on August 03, 2014
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NYX Interactive, a betting firm that is slowly gaining popularity, announced a new content supply deal they recently made with software developer “Thunderkick”. This deal will allow for NYX Interactive to add each one of the games developed by Thunderkick onto their OGS Gambling Platform.


As of right now Thunderkick has only developed eight video slots during its course as a software developer. They are brand new to the industry and have been looking to make their name for months now. This new deal will have Thunderkick load each one of their eight slots over to the OGS Platform, this in return will allow for Thunderkick to get a massive amount of exposure compared to what they previously had.
The OGS Gambling Platform is currently licensed by several brand named online casinos. These casinos have thousands of punters playing with them on a weekly basis. This will allow for Thunderkick to not only gain a mass amount of new exposure as a software developer but it will also allow for Thunderkick to earn more profit, thus by creating more slots and eventually gaining more business in the future.

David Flynn, an employee at NYX Gaming said “It is wonderful to be so large in stature that you can help drastically change the future of an upcoming software developer. We hope with our guidance Thunderkick can become one of the best upcoming software developers in the online gambling industry. We’ve experience what they have to offer and all we can say is that it’s exciting.”

Net Entertainment Providing Games To Bwin

Posted by admin on August 03, 2014
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Net Entertainment made a powerful announcement today when they held a press conference at the Tahiti Village Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. Net Entertainment officials announced that they have signed a content supply deal with Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment. This surprised many in the industry as both Net Entertainment and Bwin.Party are two impressive operators with a long line of history behind them. Regardless this deal has been made and it will allow for Bwin.Party to load the Net Entertainment casino games onto their big name online casinos.
tahiti village

Net Entertainment revealed that with this deal Bwin.Party will be able to load each one of the games that they have developed throughout the years onto anyone of their gambling properties. Games such as Frankenstein, Gonzo’s Quest and Jack Hammer will all be made available to Bwin.Party punters in the upcoming days. These video slots and various other casinos games won’t be loaded specifically onto Bwin.Party’s desktop sites, they will also be loaded onto their mobile casinos as well. This will give Bwin Punters the chance to play the Net Entertainment gambling platform whenever they want.

Golan Shaked, the Director of Games for Bwin.Party said alongside Net Entertainment officials, “We both can’t wait to see as companies where this content supply deal takes us. We both stand as big names in the industry and we know that combining our efforts will more than likely bring outstanding gambling experiences to punters all around the world. We hope our community of fans only react in the most positive manner.”

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