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Wall Street Fever Jackpot Worth $260,174 Won

Posted by admin on September 30, 2014
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Three Playtech punters from all around the world have had an incredible week as three different punters playing under the Playtech platform have triggered progressive jackpots. The first winner was playing Diamond Valley when they triggered a progressive worth $184,284 while the second winner was playing on Sweet Party when they won $744,206. Yesterday another lucky punter in the same week was able to win a progressive worth $260,174 while playing Wall Street Fever.

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There hasn’t been any details regarding where this jackpot was won or who was the winning punter. What we do know is that this is the sixty seventh time that the Wall Street Fever progressive jackpot has been triggered. This $260,174 Jackpot win is also considerably larger than the average amount won which is $128,760.

It seems that as of right now it is a good time to be a Playtech punter, with so many different video slots running with progressive jackpots it isn’t a surprise that so many punters win so much money through this slot. You could be a progressive jackpot winner under Playtech’s platform by registering an account with a casino that offers the Playtech Platform. Deposit some money using a valid payment method, choose any of the slots we’ve listed for you up above and have a good time trying.

We will update you on the details of this progressive jackpot win once they are released to the general public. You can be ensured that the winning punter is beyond ecstatic right now.

State Super Series Schedule Released By Party Poker

Posted by admin on September 06, 2014
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Party Poker has revealed their schedule for its Garden State Super Series. The Party Poker New Jersey office revealed that they’ll have a total of sixty different events which will be running from September 7th to September 21st. This proves to be the largest Super Series ever held in the Garden State. There are three different style of tournaments that players can enter, each style catering towards what kind of gambler you are.


The events are being ranked in three different ways. The first style is being designed for low betting punters, the second style is designed for medium betting punters and the third style is designed for high wagering punters. A total of one million dollars will be spread out across the entire two week long tournament. The various events are being held across the entire state of New Jersey.

The Garden State Super Series Main Event will have a weird buy-in method for punters. Once again there will be three styled main events. The first event will have a prize pool of $10,000, the second event will have a prize pool of $20,000 and the third event will have a prize pool of $75,000.

You can view the schedule for these events, find out their locations and what your buy in will have to be by going to the Party Poker New Jersey website. Regardless of what kind of poker player you are there is a event for you to enter in with the Super Series.

Australian Consumer Group Sues Bet365

Posted by admin on September 06, 2014
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Bet365, a UK based gambling firm is now being sued by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission. This commission is claiming that Bet365 has misled punters about certain promotions which is completely false. The ACCC claims that Bet365 hasn’t disclosed everything that this promotion’s conditions were which resulted in punters wagering more money than they previously had.


This information came from a series of complaints from various punters who wager at Bet365. The fact of the matter is that punters have to review each one of the terms and conditions before they play a promotion, this is highly recommended by every online casino for this very reason. This won’t be the first time that an online casino has been sued due to these kind of complaints. The opening arguments will begin in early October, the ACCC is looking for Bet365 to pay out penalties but it’ll will more than likely be thrown out of the court as Bet365 has already confirmed that these terms and conditions were placed within the promotion. It isn’t their fault if punters choose not to take the time to review over each term and condition.

Commenting on the case the ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said, “The online betting industry is a growing business sector,” he said. “The Australian Consumer Law applies to this sector in the same way that it applies to other industries and sectors. The Consumer Law also requires that any conditions, limitations or restrictions should be made clear to the consumer before the purchase rather than after a consumer has been unfairly enticed into a transaction.”

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