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$111,128 Treasure Nile Mobile Jackpot Won

Posted by admin on November 12, 2014
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Every week, there are multiple punters across the globe who are lucky and trigger progressive jackpots or life changing winning combinations. It’s for this reason alone that so many people choose to gamble online, the thrill of winning such a large amount of money that your life would forever be changed urges people to experience online gambling. Well another fortunate punter was able to win a progressive jackpot while playing the mobile variant of Treasure Nile, this player won $111,128 in the process of playing this slot.

Treasure Nile

There hasn’t been any details revealed by Microgaming as of right now. We are unaware as to who triggered this progressive jackpot, which online casino this jackpot was won at or what the winning punter plans to do with their winnings. It’ll be a couple of days before Microgaming reveals any of that information as the winning punter is more than likely figuring out their financial situation as of right now. We can confirm that this is the fourteenth time that the Treasure Nile Mobile Progressive Jackpot has been won, the online variant of Treasure Nile has seen its jackpot won more than eighty times since it was released to the market.

Those wishing to play Treasure Nile are in for a treat as this is a 5 reel, 9 payline slot that comes with a number of different game features including Wilds, Multipliers, Scatters & Free Spins. It’s based around Ancient Egypt & the rule of Cleopatra, the most fearful woman in the history of Egypt.

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