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Diamond Cherries Released by Rival Gaming

Posted by skurtan on January 22, 2016
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Rival Gaming, the software developed behind some of the best video slots available on the web has announced their slot for January. This new title is called “Diamond Cherries” and it takes on a classic format with high definition visuals. This’ll give anyone whom plays it a reminiscent feeling, filled with cherished memories.


This new game is a three reel, single payline classic slot. Punters has the simple and nostalgic option of wagering a maximum of three coins. The only icons which appear on the reels are bar symbols, cherries and diamonds. The maximum win available is only $2,500. This is a large amount when considering the max bet is $0.15. There are no wilds, scatters, multipliers, bonuses or free spins to be triggered in this game. The classic nature of this slot is through and through to its core.

Rival Gaming’s short statement reads as follows, “We wanted to provide our players with a nostalgic gambling experience. So often developers are trying to create slots now filled with more than what people know what to do with. This is why we’ve thrown it back to a slots classic nature and we hope all our fans enjoy the experience we’ve created for them in Diamond Cherries.”

Anyone wishing to try their hand at this title is able to do so as of January 20th, 2016. There’ll be dozens of casinos supporting this game on day one. What awaits those who play is a classic, nostalgic and cherished feeling of times long past with friends.

Chinese Gambling Ring Halted

Posted by skurtan on January 02, 2016
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China, Malaysia and the Philippines are all known for harboring illegal gambling rings. Though authorities work towards dismantling all illegal gambling operations within these three countries, it always seems another is popping up. Police in the Hunan & Guadong provinces of China has announced that they’ve arrested a total of ninety-eight people during a police raid on an illegal gambling ring.

China, Malaysia

This is a large arrest percentage for a gambling ring which has pleased Guadong and Hunan authorities. Apparently a total of seventy-eight billion dollars in wagers had been made throughout the years that this gambling ring had operated, this illegal gambling operation was processed throughout twelve different venues and had contact with over five hundred internet gambling sites. The sites are slated to service millions of people.

This is one of the largest crackdowns on illegal gambling in China since they began cracking down on these illegal operations two years ago. Authorities in China, Malaysia and the Philippines all hope to have illegal online gambling abolished from their respective countries by 2020. If this is the case, then it’s possible that a regulated & licensed online gambling industry within Asia could be a possibly by 2025 – 2030.

Authorities have yet to release any statements to the American media or European media regarding this manner. That isn’t surprising as in most cases the China government opts out of releasing information regarding anything to do in the country, this is due to the fact that China is a communist regime run state.

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