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Quicktender having payment issues

Posted by admin on March 27, 2013
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Quicktenderquicktender logo, one of the internet’s more popular payment methods that is used daily with millions in transactions is now having issues making payments and has now agreed that some payments have not reached clients in the U.S. This is due to many of the banks in the U.S freezing money that was due players in the U.S. This relates to credit card purchases that ended up being used for gambling which may have been in violation of terms of use for those credit cards.

Rumor is it was the federal government that seized funds and not the banks. As Quicktender does not have actual accounts in the United States all of their funds are processed through banks in Europe. U.S player funds generally are sent to U.K banks to be processed to U.S players. Some of those payments have gone missing and those players have not received their funds.

Quicktender has managed to develop a solid reputation within the industry with players and while it has experience some issues in the past generally they offer a good service and alternative for players to deposit and receive funds. This situation is something that Quicktender could not have foreseen and they are suggesting for the time being that players look for other methods to facilitate payments for gambling online.


Microgaming Bad Beat Jackpot won by U.K player

Posted by admin on March 27, 2013
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Microgaming announced that its new Poker Network, that was recently re-launched, saw the bad beat jackpot be won by a U.K player in the amount of €370,789.79. This player, who was unlucky on the tables made a remarkable bad beat into something to celebrate while playing with Stan James Poker. The name of the winner has only been released by his first name. Peter apparently hails from Rochdale, UK and the jackpot was on won on the 19th of March in the evening hours.

Peter was at the table when he found himself with a straight flush only to be beaten by another player who has a better straight flush. The winner of that hand had failed to opt in towards the bad beat jackpot and that decision was costly as his total win amounted to €81.21 but has he opted in it would have been €185,394. That is mistake that will not be forgotten for a long time. All other players who were present at the table and had opted in towards the bad beat took home combined share of €47,134.16 each.

Stan James Management has reported that Peter stated I was looking forward to the re-launching of the Bad Beat Jackpot tables due to the fact that the older version was not in my comfort zone. I decided to have a go last night on the new tables due to it being easier to hit the jackpot and now all at tables are within my budget.”

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