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Wall St Fever Progressive Jackpot Gets Won Again!

Posted by admin on October 31, 2014
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There have been three different progressive jackpot wins won this week under the Playtech Platform. The first to be won was the Gold Rally progressive, a lucky player was able to win $328,192. The second progressive to be won was the $103,017 Dollar Ball Jackpot win.
The third progressive win which only occurred hours ago was on Wall St Fever, a fortunate player spinning the reels on this slot was able to win $126,060. This is the sixty eighth time that the progressive on this slot has been triggered since it was first launched.

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Playtech has yet to reveal any information regarding this jackpot win. It is still unknown as to who triggered this progressive or which casino held this win. We can confirm that this is the second time that this progressive has been triggered in a period of four weeks. This shows that in a short period of time this progressive can go from zero to more than one hundred thousand dollars.

This progressive win fell slightly below the average amount won through this progressive. Normally this jackpot pays out roughly $128,731. Regardless this is a life changing win for the punter who triggered this jackpot. It’s guaranteed that as of right now this punter is figuring out their financial situation or planning a vacation.
In order for players to win this progressive jackpot they must land on five wild symbols across all five reels. You can try to land on all five of those wild symbols by signing up with an online casino which offers the Playtech platform & Wall St Fever.

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