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Casino Saga Changing Its Name

Posted by admin on July 14, 2015
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Casino Saga, an online casino that has now been on the market for a full year is now changing their name to “Casino Heroes”. This announcement came to light when affiliates received an email that the name would be changed as of next month.


This move isn’t surprising as the word saga implies more than one which has confused a few players, their expecting more than one casino to be played. None the less this roleplaying based online casino is better suited with Heroes as you can choose between ten different heroes to play as. Players venture through various sections of a large island, playing slots and defeating bosses in order to win money as well as rank up.

This blended experience has proven to be a smart idea as their growth in popularity over the first year of their operations is incredible. This casino has even begun to appeal to the youth, allowing for young adults to become aware of the online gambling market. The hope is that more online casinos continue to incorporate various other elements from video games into their casinos. It’ll only create a more exciting gambling experience that draws players further into what the casino has to offer. The change of the name is expected to become in effect as of August 3rd. It’ll in no way effect the players level what so ever. Casino Saga offers an array of different platforms and a unique gambling experience unlike any other, sign up with them today to enjoy it!

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