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Government of Bulgaria blocks more sites in July

Posted by admin on July 24, 2013
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Here we go again with more sites being blocked in Bulgaria. The latest blocked sites bring the total number of blocked sites to 78 and it is expected that this will only continue to grow.

The latest sites blocked include, bet365,, Unibet, Betsson,, intercasino,,, canbet,, 5dimes and The reason for these sites being blocked is their failure to apply for and obtain a license to operate within Bulgaria.

This only angered the government who grew tired of their lack of moving forward and have now blocked these sites. The reality is should they wish to apply in the future they likelihood of approval of a licence will not be forthcoming due to their neglect. What is more shocking is that most of these companies are large and successful internet betting sites who have the resources to obtain the proper licensing in Bulgaria. Why they chose to not apply for the said license can only be contributed to the Bulgarian market not yielding the results they would hope to achieve once licencing fees and taxes are factored in.

World Match announces RockaBillions HD

Posted by admin on July 17, 2013
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World Match just announced yet another new video slot release called RockaBillions H. This is the second game to have been released from this internet betting software developer this week.

RockaBillions HD offers 25 paylines and includes free games, a wild symbol as well as a bonus game. This slot game is based on American live during the 50’s when the beginning of Rock’n’roll was beginning to transform the landscape of music and popular culture. It includes iconic images from that time period like a Cadillac, an electric guitar, microphone, radio and several hot rods that were prevalent during that time.

The bonus game that has been added is in the form of a car race that offers large prizes should the player take first in the race when the bonus game is activated. The game is shaped similar to a old styled television set and does not include the usual visual separation of paylines and reels but gives players a view of a drag strip instead.

RockaBillions has been available at any casino offering the World Match software.

ZetPoker rumored to be having money flow issues

Posted by admin on July 05, 2013
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ZetPoker, an online poker site, is believed to be having serious money related issues. These issues are relating to the Revolution Poker Network and there ceasing all operations over the weekend. It is also rumored that the Revolution Poker Network has not been paying those under the network for some time.

BTG Gaming, who owns ZetPoker, released information about the shutting down of services stating that it was a direct result of Revolution Poker Network’s failure to make payment as they should. This has limited ZetPokers ability in return, to pay players. BTG, the parent company, for their part is working toward finding a resolution with its players as Zetpoker is one of a dozen other sites owned by BTG Gaming. BTG Gaming also owns such notable sites as and Mayan Sports.

The other concern is that all of BTG Gaming’s sites operate with the Revolution software and this could potentially be a troublesome situation should Revolution as a whole be in trouble financially.

Rival Gaming releases new Camel Race video slot

Posted by admin on July 05, 2013
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Rival Gaming has just released three new games to the world. These three games are Firestorm 7, Costume Party and Crazy Camel Cash. The best game of the three is Crazy Camel Cash is a classic slot game for players who enjoy an old school experience.

The theme of this game is all about camel races in the Arab world. You will see slot symbols such as a flying carpet, palm trees, single, double and triple bars, trophies and camels. You will be able to view all the payouts for each winning combination within this game on the Paytable. Since this is a classic slot game no extra game features come with the game. This is a good thing as it keeps up tradition.

Players will be able to bet up to three coins in this slot game. The value of these coins range from ten cents to ten dollars. When you wager the most coins you will have a better opportunity of winning some of the huge winning combinations in this game.

When you wager two coins your payout will be doubled, when you wager three coins your payout will be tripled. This can be an incredible amount of money that you win. You also will be able to use an Automatic Spins option, Speed Option and more within this slot game.

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