Player Wins $100,00 At Liberty Slots

Posted by admin on January 03, 2014

A lucky punter was able to win $100,00 while playing at Liberty Slots. This win also gained the player by the name of Dean a Diamond VIP status. Allowing for him to receive exclusive bonuses and a $45 free money deposit into his bankroll.

Dean J, the winner of the $100,00 commented on his jackpot win saying, “I have always hoped for a win like this but you never expect. I’ve had my fair share of good nights but I’ve never been able to win anything like this. I plan on taking a vacation with my entire family and do good with my money.”

Dean played three separate casino games that eventually lead to the $100,000 he won. Dean began playing Blackjack, a slot game and Blackjack which allowed for his bankroll to reach $20,000. Then Dean made the switch to Money Shot, a slot based around Basketball. He choose to wager two hundred dollars per spin before he landed on a successful bonus round that lead to his bankroll reaching $100,000.

Casino Manager for Liberty Slots Mark Ramirez also commented on the big win saying, “The large win notifications were coming in so fast that we couldn’t keep up with the amount of money he was winning. Dean started the day as an Amber Level, which is our lowest level available and he now is playing at the highest level available at our casino. He won over a million comp points, this is what makes running an online casino so much fun. You never know what is going to happen the next day.”

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