Politico Creates Pro-Online Betting Group To Fight Sheldon Adelson

Posted by admin on February 16, 2014

The political US website Politico announced that they have created a pro-online gambling group named “The Coalition for Online and Consumer Protection”. They created this group in order to fight Sheldon Adelson, his coalition and the small progress they make towards the complete abolishment of online gambling in the USA.

TCCOP is now be supported by several politicians who agree with online gambling. One of the individuals who have supported this new group without being a politician is the MGM International land based casino, showing that some land based casinos believe in the cause. Politicians who supported the TCCOP include: Mary Bony, Jim Messina and Kristen Hawn. Each one of these individuals have spent their time trying to legalize online gambling and make it a more accepted form of entertainment.

TCCOP will launch a print campaign that shows what the online gambling industry can do for the economy, your local neighborhoods and more. This will be their first action against Sheldon Adelson’s Coalition.

MGM International’s Alan Feldman commented on the launching of TCCOP saying, “I as a land based owner realize that online gambling is the future of gambling as a whole. Land based casinos will always be around but they will be a vacation for gamblers, not their everyday go to location for gambling. I support TCCOP because they believe in a cause that will better the economy, give out more jobs and help out the overall country. Mr. Adelson is simply being greedy and trying to keep a hold of what he owns. He wants to destroy online gambling and has been doing this by diving down into the fear of our citizens. Making claims that you’ll go bankrupt gambling online which is a false accusation.”

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