New Star Wars Slot Released By SG Gaming

Posted by admin on October 31, 2013

SG Gaming announced today that they have released a new slot machine for land based casinos based on the movie “Star Wars: A New Hope”

Star Wars: A New Hope is the first star wars film to ever be created. This movie completely changed the science fiction world. Star Wars has six different movies with five more in productions, dozens of books, comic books, video games and so much more. It is one of the largest brands to ever be created. This game has a five hundred dollar community bonus for all bingo and arcade clubs that purchase this slot machine. You will also be able to access a Star Turn Bonus which will allow for players to multiply their winnings or win a variety of other bonuses.

The director for SG Gaming Rick Mountney commented on this new slot saying, “Our development team has created one of the best slot machine games our company has ever released. We expect our Star Wars slot machine to become popular over a short period of time. We know that the fans expect the classic Star Wars experience from our new slot and that’s exactly what you will receive.

The development team worked hard on preserving the magic of Star Wars: A New Hope.” He also said that we know that our customers and fans want the best out of us. As we continue to work on future projects we will work hard on creating the next best slot machine games.”

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