Arrow Season Three Confirmed

Posted by admin on May 19, 2014

Arrow, the comic based television show has now been confirmed for a third season by the CW Network. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Arrow has been able to bring a large amount of reviews since it first appeared on the network back in 2012.

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Arrow is a DC Comic Book based television show that stars Stephen Amell. Mr. Amell players Oliver Queen, a playboy who is billionaire and stranded on an island called purgatory for five years. Within those five years he learns an elite set of skills that eventually allows for him to become the super hero known as “Green Arrow”. He alongside his friends Felicity and John Diggle help save Starling City. Along the way they come across deadly foes such as Deathstroke and many more.

Arrow just isn’t your average television show. It has helped pave the way for super hero television shows. Both Marvel and DC Comics now have a list of television shows coming out for the 2014/2015 TV Season. Constantine, Agent Carter and The Flash are just some of the shows out of the many coming out next year.

If your Canadian you will have to watch arrow on the CTV Network, Americans on the other hand can watch Arrow on the CW Network. You can expect the third season to triple the ante for Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Laurel, Detective Lance, Thea and all of the other characters we have grown to love in the two seasons that Arrow has aired.

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